It’s Raining Outdoor Ads this Monsoon

Unlike advertisements in newspapers, radio or TV, out of home advertisement (fondly called as outdoor advertising also) reaches to the target audience as an element of their environment. It can be applied to anything outdoors where the public movement is really high; like metro, trains or erecting a billboard at strong locations.

Billboard advertising is a very effective tool for advertising your products — it has the power to market your product or company to consumers in as less as 5 seconds, says a research. Billboards can impact the subconscious mind of the pedestrians, drivers and passengers and everyone who uses the road where your billboard is located. With billboards, you can instantly connect with your prospective customers. FYI — billboard advertising is touted as the second most effective form of advertising. It may seem a little old fashioned for today’s digital age but its reach is very high considering the mass audience and geographic flexibility. The evolution of technology has brought various innovations to billboards in the form of digital hoardings and 3D billboards etc. Over the past couple of years, the world has been witness to more interactive and unconventional billboard advertising. The best example would be the 3D billboard TATA motors put up to advertise their newest hatchback Tiago in Mumbai.

TATA Tiago 3D Car innovation on Bandra ROB Mumbai

In Delhi city itself, if you take a 30 minute ride outside, you will be bombarded with billboards, advertising everything from a beauty cream to the latest television and Bollywood offerings. Billboards are a big investment; the attached costs easily tagged at Rs. 50, 000 and over. In return, it can help build your brand image and strengthen your product presence in the market.

Not only billboards, but many other forms of out of home advertising carry the same potential. One shouldn’t underestimate the potential of outdoor advertisement in India — a recent stats report by Statista states that the outdoor advertising market place that was 14 billion INR in 2007 could rise to 30 billion INR by 2018. Outdoor advertising agencies in India should take note and consider driving more focus towards creating creative outdoor advertisements to retain clients and offer high-engagement and ROI driven outdoor advertising campaigns. BrandBerry Marcom, an outdoor advertising agency in Delhi that caters to outdoor advertisement requirements of brands offers an end-to-end service too, ranging from concept creation to logistics and hassle-free rollouts. BrandBerry is the top names of the few outdoor advertising agencies in the market offering such perks to their portfolio of clients.

Here are few of the advantages of implementing an outdoor advertising strategy for your brand:

· Slyly occupies mindspace with the audience

· Has bulk reach

· It cannot be turned off, extending the life of your campaign

· Outdoor advertising is larger than life and compels attention and stimulates recall

· An ideal solution for penetrating competitive strongholds

· It also grants access to hard to reach audience

· Outdoor advertising is in the public domain and receives quick reportage in other forms of media

· Over the years, a host of researchers have associated greater brand loyalty with outdoor advertising