Must-have Features for Small Business Websites Development

By now, you should already know — despite the size of your business, whether big or small, it’s essential that it has its own website as in this age of information and internet, people expect to find you online. However, it is not only necessary to have a website but it should also contain the most essential features necessary to your website. What most small businesses do is that they treat their website as a visiting card leaving only their basic contact information. Sorry to break to you folks; it is much more than that and the role of websites in sales is only increasing. In order to be found by your potential customers, your website needs to contain important navigational and design features. Here are some of the important features your website should contain:

Domain Name

Naturally, your website will have a domain name and it is required as it represents who you are, your brand, your product and your service. If possible,it’s always the best to choose the domain name in .com as search engines put more emphasis on a COM domain when it comes to general TLDs (extensions). Take some time to think about your domain name. Make certain that your domain name is not too long, hyphenated, or difficult to spell.

Navigation at the Top

Make sure that your navigation bar on the website is always on the top as the first thing people should be able to do after getting to your site is have the option to navigate through your site. Only then can they find what they are looking for, thus becoming a customer instead of just a visitor.

Contact Information

It is vital that you leave your contact information on the website. By contact, this will include your location (with a map), phone number, email address, and/or contact form. This should be strategically placed on your website, preferably on the fold of your homepage, the area that is visible before scrolling down.

Calls to Action

Make sure there is call to action attached to every page of your website. It’s also important to include your phone number and a hyperlink to your contact page. The visitors should be able to take some action if they like what they see. However, make sure that you don’toverdo it and turn your website into a hard sales pitch.

Fresh Content

Your website should be updated and maintained with fresh content and images that are relevant and informative. The information that it provides should be helpful for your visitors as this can increase your chances at conversion.

Responsive Website

There are a lot of screens people will be looking at your website with — mobile, tablets, laptops, etc.So, be sure that your website is mobile-friendly or responsive. Use a web development platform that will automatically adjust the website to the device. Web designing agencies like BrandBerry Marcom will be able to design a website for you that is responsive and attractive too. BrandBerry Marcom is also one of the leading web designing agency in Delhi NCR.

Testimonials and Reviews

One of the best ways to let people know about you is by adding reviews and testimonials to your website given to you by your clients. Reading about your reviews from your current and past clients can go a long way in making conversions happen.

Trust Badges

A 32% conversion rate has been estimated when trust symbols are used. Use the SSL badge to prove that the visitor ison a secure connection with your site and the web browser of the visitor.

Blog Page

Every website should have a blog page as it drives traffic towards your website, converts traffic into leads, establishes authority and drives long term results. However, you should make sure that you update it regularly or at least once a week. Also Google rewards you for updating your content in search results.

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