Native Advertising-Why is it Important to Brands?

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Sep 16, 2016 · 3 min read

There are different styles to advertisements — hoardings, print advertising, TV advertising, radio advertising and social media advertising. Approaching each genre with a little creativity can enhance your campaign and get your brand the desired attention from potential customers. It will also take you a step ahead of your competitors. But there’s a new form of advertising gimmick that’s currently taking the center stage — it’s called native advertising. Many of the brands may have already implemented this style in their advertising campaign but for those who do not have an idea about what native advertising is and how it works this article, will help.

First of all let’s define native advertising. To put it simply, in layman’s terms, native advertising is paid content that’s often well-disguised as organic content. Formats for native advertising include articles, infographics, videos, adverts and more. The content promoted this way may appear to add value but its overall goal is to sell a product or a service. Unlike banner ads on websites, this does not disrupt the flow of the users’ experience and sort of blends in with the content and the environment.

So how does native advertising work? Native ads work by becoming a part of the content without disturbing its flow; obviously the platform you have chosen has to be right and should compensate well with what you are trying to promote. Often at times, the lines between content and promotion are so blurred that one may not be able to identify it as an advertisement. Here’s how you can make native advertising work for the advantage of your business:

· Honesty is the best policy. Whenever you are trying to sell a genuine native advert, know that people love reading the truth. So all you got to do is offer valuable content or something unique and humorous that has the potential to go viral. Don’t make the advertisement too salesy and obtrusive.

· Always keep in mind that you are writing for your target audience and always give them what they want and not necessarily what the sales team wants from you.

· Do not focus too much on one particular thing; it will scare the consumers away as people hate information being shoved into their faces.

Although native advertising is a fairly mysterious link that has joined up with the chain of marketing and promotions. It yet has the potential to guarantee reach to new audiences without disruptive display ads. Here are the reasons that defend native ads’ qualification as an effective promotional tool:

· People Engage Better with Native Ads — Because they look and feel like the flow of the content on the websites. Publishers and advertisers, both love the native ad unit because users not only see native ads, they engage with them. The click through rates are much higher with native advertisements and it was found out that people are more likely to share native ads with someone they know compared to other form of ads.

· They are Viewed as Much as Editorial -When native ads are placed at the flow of the content, there’s a chance that they may outperform your editorial content. Like with where native content receives 3.5x more views, 3x more shares and 2.9x more attention than editorial pieces.

· Great for Branding — Native advertisements outperform nearly every form of interruptive advertising in brand recall and brand trust when done well.

· Drive Purchase and Sale — Compared to banner ads, native advertisements have registered an 18% higher lift in purchase intent, according to Yahoo. They also outperform banner ads in driving subsequent search activity.

· Native Advertisement is Social Media-Social media advertising is one of the most effective forms of native advertising. Infact, most of the social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have circled their business around native advertisements. These social media sites allow you to specifically target your customers way better and precisely when compare to other publishers.

Native advertising will surely stay and turn into something even grander than it already is. When done correctly, it will be able to give brands positive recall and drive branded search. Native advertising is arguably one of the most engaging forms of advertising.

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