Top Content-rich Websites that Will Make You Read Twice!

Content Marketing

Buyers’ behaviors have evolved over the years; now for consumers, the first port of call is the internet. They are all looking for useful information and advices to make their decisions. A content-rich website can make your brand really stand out and it also has a unique advantage in terms of SEO — content can easily move your website to the top of search results if complimented with right optimization.

Content-rich websites require a unique approach which includes well-researched advice, a heady, witty sense of writing, keyword-rich (at the right places ofcourse!) and strong attention to onsite SEO that lead to efficient automation and fast indexation by search engines. It is vital that you understand what rich content is. Essentially it just means that rich content is content that is valuable to your targeted audience. It comes in many forms and often differs from website to website. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that when brands write content, they keep their audience in mind and put out content they think their audience would be looking for.

Going by our prowess with content writing, we at BrandBerry, an exclusive content writing company based out of Noida, decided to curate and put forward an exciting list of digital properties on the web that are revolutionizing the way they write for their readers. Here are few content rich websites for you to ponder over:

· The Verge — Their homepage which begins with a huge colorful jigsaw of leading technological news is visually empowering and quickly draws eyes. It also has given the right amount of white space, which is able to focus attention on the hottest news they have to offer.

· The BrandBerry Blog –Quirky, and offbeat, their content is a curation of some of the hottest topics bothering the advertising business. The content is neatly put together, in a jigsaw-form, adding to the ease of absorption and readability. The blog is powered by a think tank of copywriters by BrandBerry Marcom, a niche creative agency in Delhi offering content writing services in Delhi NCR and across global frontiers. BrandBerry seeks to add to the content game and change the bets by offering content writing services in Noida and Delhi that are a value-add in every way.

· Homegrown — With a large header of headlines swapping in and out of every page, it constantly reminds you of what stories they want you to read. With little white space in their tiled approach of the homepage, the website has a classic and appealing look to it.

· Wired — Home of technology and geek journalism, it covers a variety of detailed content. Their headlines, quotes and text content are cohesive, spreading across the website.

· Buzzfeed - It covers an array of topics that are interesting, funny and unique. They have given a listicle-type approach to their headlines in the website as are their most articles that are filled with pictures and one-liners.