Writing for the web has developed as a synonym of creative writing and technical writing. Content writing has attained the respect of web readers or web surfers across the world as most of them can be found on the internet browsing through the blogs of their choice. Information seeking has increased its network at an unprecedented level. Talking of content writing, if you are a sincere writer of web platform, persuasive content is the only way to content creation to make sure your content hits the chart topper position. BrandBerry Marcom lists down tricks for web content writers and copywriters in Delhi NCR to write stupendous web content.

Engagement of words with thought-

Content writing and writing for the web is not dependent only on the keywords, (although that too is very important for technical reasons) but food for thought is required. Let’s be very honest. People online do not read the content as much as they browse through the content. Their purposes are very different from each other. Some do it merely for procrastination. Using your words carefully and sometimes with prejudice for the words that readers like to hear, is a smart approach to be a successful web content writer.

We know this paragraph too has gone overboard. It is a part of the trick as well.

Use inverted pyramid style for writing-

The most important thing, the foundation stone needs to be put first. Inverted pyramid has the base most strong and that should be presented first. The whole concept of saying the most important thing first is based on the technical fact that online readers look for the most interesting and point to point information. Giving them that is the way you reach to their hearts while also putting across what you want to impart.

Adopt listicles style or broken down paragraphs-

Internet is not the space to write essays or novels. It is not paper presentation but a simple one pager blank sheet that people find most interesting when filled with short, crisp and to the point information. The KISS rule attracts most attention of the readers. A successful content writer isn’t the one who writes very well, but this credentials of ‘very well’ is decided by the reader. So if your content is read more and more, your content is a winner.

Never compromise on the quality versus quantity-

Writing content as long as 800–1000 words can be challenging if you lack research and content. There is a point till where you can faff. Being a writer if you compromise on quality then not much will be left as essential to be read in the write-up. Make simple yet solid statements that are clear in their grammar, framing, punctuations and obviously its meaning. This is how you write high impact content that pulls readers attention in just one go.

Avoid the drama-

Simple statements are the most clearly understood and are direct way of conveying what you want to while cutting out what you just have to. Do not write for the heck of it. Writing with as style is good, provided that style has simplicity loaded in itself. Over dramatic lines are not really welcomed in every genre of writing, on any platform. They only look good once in a while, not throughout.

Focus on your headlines-

Title of the article or the blog is the small window provided online which becomes your encashing point of luring the readers to pay more efforts into reading the article than just looking out for listicles for the gist. Your headlines, the topic of the write-up should be the boldest line for the viewer to become the reader. Simple.

Helpful tips-

Use most searched keywords….write for lazy people, with short paragraphs….avoid jargons…..avoid repetition…use good images.

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