Brevard County’s 2016 Progressive House of Representative Candidates | David Anthony Kearns (D) —Brevard County House District 53

David Kearns — House District 53 (South Brevard)

David Kearns is running as a Democrat against Republican candidate, Randy Fine. Kearns is apart of the progressive movement that is underway in our country today. He is an incredibly hard-working, committed and honest candidate. The thing about David Kearns is: he is one of the few candidates that qualified his candidacy via petition rather than paying a qualifying fee. Meaning, he was able to get 1,000 people living in his District to sign a petition to get him on the ballot. This speaks volumes and underscores the fact that Kearns is running a true grassroots campaign, he is backed by the people and he will work for the people.

Kearns is an outspoken activist — he has been very vocal about the current algae bloom crisis that has destroyed Brevard’s rivers and Indian River Lagoon. In fact, Kearns has gone to Tallahassee to speak up against US Sugar and their giant environmental footprint.

Kearns is also running a very unique campaign — right now, he is training for a marathon and is running through district 53 everyday, meeting small business owners and citizens along the way. Look up #SeeDaveRun to see updates on this awesome campaign strategy.

In November, Brevard’s House District 53 will have a choice between Kearns and his Republican opponent Randy Fine. As a progressive informational platform, we strongly endorse Kearns and salute him for standing up for the issues that impact everyday people. But, don’t just take our word for it, look up information on Kearns yourself by visiting his campaign website, or visiting his campaign’s Facebook page, or check out where he stands on various issues on his personal Facebook page.

I am running to be your Representative to the Florida House for District 53 covering all of South Brevard. I will be committed to providing representation for the people of Brevard and the State of Florida.
My priorities include protecting public schools, improving roads and infrastructure, energy reform, helping small businesses, election reform, expanding Medicaid, looking after our returning veterans, our senior citizens and caring for our environment.
I am dedicated to protecting those who for so long have felt ignored by the political process in Tallahassee they haven’t felt they had the right to adequate representation from someone from here.
That’s why I am running for this community; because I have been living here working alongside my neighbors, whether as a teacher, a soccer coach, a dad, or a newspaper reporter or a student, since the early eighties. I am actually from here. I know what needs to be done, for the people.— David Kearns,