I spent my afternoon canvassing in Titusville on behalf of Al Shastri, forward thinking Republican candidate for Titusville City Council, Seat #5. I had the privilege of meeting a disabled combat veteran who told me of his struggles with the endlessly inefficient Brevard VA system.

He was a proud American who reveres the original context of our constitution, and the protestants that founded some of the values that we still hold near and dear today. When I asked if he planned on voting on August 30th, he responded, “I don’t think I’ve ever missed a vote.” Yet as one of the brave men who fought for our American dreams, risking his life in the process, he has been turned away by the very institution entrusted with looking after him upon his return to civilian life. Unfortunately, this is more of a rule than an exception.

Its stories of injustice like these that inspire me to continue the hard work that Al Shastri has initiated. Change at the top, can only start with trusted representatives in local government. This gentleman was excited to vote for Al early on into our enlightening discussion about the conditions facing our community. Like most of our residents he was especially glad to hear that one of the things Al will concentrate on is curbing the youth crime rate, not with punishment “reform,” but with preventative measures such as after school sports programs at our wonderful Titusville YMCA. He understands that this is an issue that can best be combated by attacking the root and offering a real, better alternative to our kids!

Al Shastri will revive the hometown pride that Titusville was once renowned for. Today we have an opportunity to beautify our proud city by cleaning up Titusville. This will give us the opportunity to sponsor growth by fostering small businesses and encouraging investment from the aerospace industry.

On August 30th, remember to vote for Al Shastri, Titusville City Council, Seat #5. A cleaner, and safer Titusville, is a more beautiful Titusville.