The Revolution Starts at Home

During the last year, we have realized that apathy is no longer an option. In order to continue the fight for progress, we must continue to make sure to fight from our local home fronts.

In order to carry the torch for the revolution and make sure it remains lit, we must bring our local communities together and empower each other. Bernie Sanders was able to empower an entire nation by reminding us that when we unite, when we come together, regardless of where we come from, what language we speak, how we choose to love and where we pray, then there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that we cannot do.

There is a remarkable and invincible power within a people united and we must remember that.

Here in Brevard County, Florida, we’ve started to make people aware of the candidates who are running for local offices such as school board, county commissioner, Congress, House Representative, city council and city mayor. We have decided to take media coverage into our own hands; community members have started discussing ways in which to host candidate forums for the public since the local media has declined to do so. Community leaders have hosted meet and greet events for the public where they can meet progressive candidates running for local offices. This way, when citizens hit the polls, they will not see a list of random names running for offices that have never mattered to them in the past; instead, they will see the names of community leaders that they’ve met, gotten to known and have faith in, and they will understand the true power vested within each local office.

In order to come together, Brevard County has decided to stand together and fight for local issues, such as our local lagoon and rivers, our small businesses and our public schools. We have set aside our differences and found faith in what we have common, because the truth is, as a community, we may not agree on everything, but we all have the same desire for a prosperous local environment. We all want to live in a community one where we all have the right to pursue success, health and happiness; and, regardless of our political affiliation, we all want the best for our community and ourselves.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to continue to create progress by focusing on the actual issues that impact all of us, and not on the party politics that have divided us for far too long.

It is essential that we start voting progressives into local office. This is where change is created! Progress starts at home, change occurs from the bottom up, not the top down.

The strategy is simple: unite our community. Awaken our neighbors. Empower our youth. Focus on our local elections and elect into office those who will vote for progressive reform in our neighborhoods because there is no President who will be able to change the way our community is able to live; the quality of local living truly depends on our local elected officials.

For far too long, we have been told that we do not have the power, that we have no voice and that our needs, desires, struggles and aspirations are irrelevant. Now, we know that our power resides in our unity.

The revolution starts at home, and will continue to evolve at home. As we look to the future, we should focus on changing our communities. Only then will we be able to change our country.