Custom Travel Mugs : Why Every Business Needs Them!

How personalized travel mugs can make a difference?

Having you business logo imprinted on custom travel mugs can open new doors for business opportunities. According to a study there are highest number of repeat buyers of personalized promotional mugs.

Custom mugs are rated as 3rd highest selling promotional products followed by custom apparel and writing instruments being the top sellers in the list.

Custom Promotional Coffee Mugs — A Case Study

Here is an amazing case study about custom coffee mugs used by the Manchester University on the occasion of welcoming their 3rd year university students.

Why Custom Coffee Mugs is Everyone’s Most Favorite Choice

From small to large businesses, start up’s, non-profits, school and universities everyone loves personalized travel mugs for being the most impressive and successful giveaway item. There are many reasons customized travel mugs are loved so much,

  • Travel mugs provides a large imprint area that can occupy a logo and a personalized message very easily.
  • Mugs are a kind of product that everyone uses each and every day, thus the brand impression rate of promotional mugs is quite higher compare to other products.
  • Promotional mugs are available in every price range, depending on the type of business you are (large or small) or your marketing budget, custom promotional mugs are available for as low as $0.73 to $55.00.
Custom Promotional Travel and Coffee Mugs