Independence Day Marketing Ideas

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Jun 24, 2016 · 2 min read

The United States Independence Day is just around the corner and every year on this day of 4th of July marketers see it as a huge branding opportunity. On this day an average American spending has continued to rise and have reached the spending of approx. $300. This report has convinced marketers in every industry to achieve their goals by taking advantage of the increasing spending power of the consumers by launching creative branding campaigns on this day.

Here is how to launch a successful campaign on the occasion of United States Independence Day.

1. Start a photo content on social media networks

Ask your social media followers to share their 4th July memories in photos with a creative caption. Announce at least 3 winners so that people get encouraged to participate. Give them prize that is related to your brand or any creative product related to Independence Day with business logo imprinted. Your success is when your fans will share your page with their friends asking for votes, this will multiple online your brand presence.

This is an idea of a budget friendly gift you can distribute on Independence Day

USA Flag Printed Goofy Funny Stylus Screen Cleaner and Pen to use as patriotic giveaway on Independence Day marketing campaign
It is summer on 4th of July and these cool and stylish USA flag glasses is the most popular gift item for this day

2. Offer special deals, coupons or discounts

For retail industry Independence Day is a huge sales opportunity, this also indicates a lot of competition aiming at that consumers ‘to be spent’ money. If your deals is an eye catching one it will certainly create a huge buzz and could go viral across the web.

3. Make your unique holiday or discount hashtag

Make a unique hashtag for your Independence Day deal and promote the hashtag across your social network, store, blog and even offline. Make sure the hashtag is easy to remember. Offer prize and special deals to users with highest share or retweets. You can configure an auto response to users providing them with highest coupon codes to redeem on your online store.

More gift ideas that you can offers as giveaways to the recipients on the Independence Day marketing campaign

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