A Logo Isn’t an American Flag

On July 4 year 1776, the first 13 American colonies declared independence from England. Since then time after time another colony joined, then another, until it reached today’s number, 50 states.

The American flag has in it years of history, hardship and celebration. The flag started with 13 stars, 13 states, which joined together to be a stronger one against all its rivals — the England army and the Indians. With every state joined, a celebration was made and a star added. Now we have a strong America and a complicated American flag.

It’s great to have history and feelings of pride in a flag, but that’s not what you should create for your business logo. There’s a lot of businesses with complicated logos representing a story or history. It’s great for its history but it’s bad for its future.

The main thing of a logo is for it to be simple, and easy to grasp its unique design. So when they see the logo again, there’s a subconscious connection with the previous time they saw the logo, which increases the chances of making the purchase at that company, and now.