Show Trial: Texas Law Enforcement Agencies and Judicial System Is Attempting to “Rig” A Trial On The National Stage

Amber Guyger

Texas law enforcement authorities are letting the public know that they have no problem protecting killers. They are doing so even at the expense of their own credibility. Amber Guyger, a Dallas police officer (soon-to-be “former officer”), was arrested and charged with the unlawful killing of a 26-year-old man at his Dallas apartment. The statement Texas authorities initially released to the public was the highly implausible scenario that “a highly trained” police officer mistakenly went to another person’s apartment as if that somehow justified shooting a nonviolent individual in their own home. However, Texas Authorities soon realized their initial justification did not present a realistic legal defense as not only was Guyger’s apartment on a different floor than her victims and had a different room number but the differing locks on the would have been a dead giveaway that Guyger was at the wrong apartment. Guyger also had a dog at her residence which would have alerted her had she came up to her which creates further doubt that she went to the wrong apartment accidentally.

Guyger’s fortified lock (left) and her victim’s lock (right)

A more damaging detail that further hurt Texas authorities statement that Guyger mistakenly went to the wrong apartment is the releasing of new evidence that alleges multiple victims heard knocking and calls to “let me in” from Amber Guyger which seems to be an unlikely response for someone who lives by herself to yell at the apartment door. So Texas authorities have attempted to take a different route and say that Guyger’s victim was not responding to command and they are saying this despite the omission of a legal warrant to enter her victim’s residence, probably cause of a crime, and Guyger allegedly did not fear for her life when she discharged her firearm.

The implausible and arguable ridiculous scenarios presented by Texas authorities are not the only strategy being used to assist Amber Guyger. There appears to already be an early attempt to rig the jury pool as despite the fact the crime occurred in Dallas, Amber Guyger’s residence is in Dallas, and the warrant was signed by a Dallas county judge; the Texas Authorities still booked Amber Guyger in another county, Kauffman county.

Social media users point out demographic differences between Kauffman and Dallas

Some astute critics have suggested this discrepancy in where Guyger was arrested & booked at versus where she lives and where the crime occurred is being done to potentially get a more favorable jury pool to effectively “rig” her trial. There has historically been a double standard in law enforcement getting lighter punishments for heinous crimes but the situation involving Amber Guyger displays a flagrant abuse of power. The Guyger’s crimes are shedding new light on how far law enforcement officials go to protect their own even when it hurts their own credibility and deceives the public.