7 Commercials That Tugged at Our Hearts in 2016

Advertising has the opportunity to both reflect and shape society. It has the power, when wielded by the right people, to create a more hopeful, open-minded, loving culture. During what felt like a rough year, advertising often brought a sense of hope, optimism, and goodwill back to the forefront of our attention.

I’ve compiled a collection of my 7 favorite commercials from 2016 that left us all feeling something.

Enjoy. :)

1. Samsung’s The Anthem Olympic Games Commercial

Samsung created an anthem for the world by incorporating several national anthems from different countries, sung by people on the other side of the globe. I love how this commercial created a sense of comradery around the world during the Olympics.

2. Honey Maid’s Neighbors Commercial

In a time where many Muslims in the US are feeling excluded and feared, Honey Maid created a commercial that tells a heartwarming story of a Muslim woman who learns she is accepted and loved by her neighbor. Beautiful.

3. Volvo’s Wedding Commercial

Not only is this commercial shot in a beautifully cinematic way, it made me choke up thinking about my own wedding day. This Volvo commercial tells the story of a father who is practicing a touching speech for his daughter’s wedding.

4. Android’s Rock, Paper, Scissors

Here’s a dose of cuteness the world needed: The true story of how rock, paper, and scissors came to be BFF’s.

5. Amazon’s A Priest and Imam meet for a cup of tea.

It turns out that the real priest and the imam from this ad have become actual real life friends. They did a sweet Facebook Live a few weeks ago where they talked about their friendships, their shared values, and answered questions from people who tuned in!

6. Star Wars Try Not To Cry Edition Commercial

A non-profit in the Philippians made this promo video for a campaign they are doing called #CreateCourage. ALL of the feels.

7. Paper & Packaging’s Letters to Dad Commercial

I was getting ready to hit publish on this post when this ad came on on my tv. I loved the creativity, joy, and storytelling that it showcased. I hit rewind and watched it again.

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