The Problem With Options

Options sound great. People love having choices. As a marketer and sales person I always projected this as something that my clients wanted and needed. Options, choices and more control. It sounds great.

The truth is though, they didn’t hire me to give them options, choices and more control. I’m here to provide certainty. Clearly I need to be ethical and not misleading, but I need to guide and provide direction.

How could I expect the client to make a decision when I wasn’t confident enough to recommend one? That is where the problem really arises.

I wasn’t certain enough to put my name behind a recommendation because what if I’m wrong. What if what I tell someone doesn’t work out to be perfect? There is no perfection, and all I can do is my best. If I lead with my best all the time that is really all I can do.

So today I’ll stick my neck out, put my name on something and take a chance at failing. In the end indecision doesn’t really help anyone.

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