In the Shadow of Silicon Valley: 90 minutes from San Jose

Patterson Pass Road

In the early 2000’s I was a frequent visitor to the campuses of Ebay, Yahoo, and many of the other tech companies that dominate the landscape in Silicon Valley. I was not a consultant, or a freelance contractor. I was not an executive, or recent college graduate looking for employment. I was twelve years old, looking for the next best place to ride my bicycle or skateboard.

2003 marked the year that I had to make a choice live with mom, or live with dad. A choice that so many kids have to make in today’s world, yet a choice that no child should have to make. On the eve of my freshman year in high school, I chose to live with my dad and to move to a place I had only heard of, Modesto, CA.

Over the course of the next twelve years, leading up to the moment I am writing this story, I would lead a life of sporadic endeavors. High school was a blur, Freshman year: Football. Sophomore year: Soccer. Junior year: Swimming. Senior year: Party. I followed through with nothing, and made it to the graduation stage by the skin of my teeth. Time to go college; junior college, my parents feel I am not ready for a four year institution despite being accepted to Fresno State, my dad’s Alma-matter.

I obtain a steady 40 hr/week job at a local winery, however I proceed to prove my parents notions correct when I screw off for three semesters and decide to quit Modesto Junior College. At this point I have moved out of the house. I make enough money to rent an apartment with a couple buddies, and have enough money left over to do pretty much whatever I want on a whim.

Again I hit a blur. From 2009 to 2013 my life consisted of: work, hang out, sleep, repeat. I had fun doing whatever came to mind with the friends I had since high school however I really did not have any expectations of myself. I was moving up the ladder at the winery, but was more or less just skating through life. In 2013 I found a mentor who pushed me to finish my degree. He left the winery about a year after he took me under his wing, and I followed suit; making a career decision to work for my fathers company.

Today I am finishing my degree, managing a distribution warehouse, and living a life unfulfilled. I have found the woman I want to marry, yet I carry a deep void in my heart. I look back at the past twelve years confused. I wonder how I let myself just traipse along without any expectations or goals.

I am through with skating by.

Recently I have filled my mind with podcast interviews from Tim Ferriss and James Altucher. These two men have something in common, they are both terrific at interrupting their interviewees to understand and dive deeper into a subject.

I am going to apply the concept of interrupting to my own life; interrupt the current course I am unhappy with, dive in, and make a commitment to pursue a dream. That dream involves the sport of wakeboarding.