Why I Want to Put Myself Out of Business
Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk i have been following you for a while. I’ve seen nearly every episode of #AskGaryVee.

Not only did I watch, listen, and read, but I shared. I contributed to the growth of your following. I told family…who went on to watch. Friends….who went on to watch. And colleagues….who not only became fans but began to emulate.

I was a fan. Until I wasn’t.

I’ve been trying to watch #TheDailyVee. I can’t. I watched the last couple episodes of #AskGaryVee. Boring! Listened to a few of the new madness on #SnapChat…I still don’t get it.

I went from listening to everything, trying to put it into practice, sharing, and being downright fanatical. Shit, I even watched a fucking Jets game!

Now, I see people doing the same. They quote Gary Vee. They Snapchat and they don’t even know why. They’ve lost control of their own thoughts, and think everything you do is some secret fucking weapon. “If I only do what Gary does,” they think. They tell others they’re wrong because Vaynerchuk said so. They’ve lost control of their own brain. You’ve created a cult like following.

That was me. It now annoys me. I've been giving it a ton of thought. Why had I changed so much so soon?

It’s because I listened to you. I explored. I implemented. It works. And now I don’t need you…as much.

I read this article because the headline caught my attention. And I’m glad I read it. Because you were describing what I feel.

I’ve purchased Crush It, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, The Thank You Economy…mostly due to reciprocity. You given so much (jabs) that I really wanted to give back. I gave you a knock down when you limped in with a right hook.

I’ll occasionally check in, I’m sure. But I can’t be a fanatic. You’re losing my business, because you’ve succeeded.

It’s time for me to take what I’ve learned from you (and others), and do what I believe will work in my business. But not because Gary said so.

Thanks Gary! I've learned so much, and will forever consider you a mentor. You’ve been an important piece to my growth and development. Like Tony Robbins was, Zig Ziglar, Seth Godin, Dan Kennedy, Yanik Silver, and many others.

For a while, all I wanted was to get a damn question answered by Gary Vee. It never happened.

Now, I’m back to caring about doing what it takes to be the best at what I do. Back to the Hustle!