Hope Is Not A Strategy

People seem to be confused by the word strategy. They seem to think you can put things on paper and they will come true.

I see this in business all the time. Companies prepare budgets and forecasts based on what they think will happen. Sometimes they even have a deliberate plan to achieve their results, but then never follow through.

Recently, I had someone send a note to me describing a success they encountered. They ended their email with this: “Hopefully the momentum will continue.”

The result they achieved was an accident. They hoped that result would continue.

My response was simple:

“Let’s not get caught up in the confusion of “hope” and “momentum”. Understand that “hope” is nothing more than happenstance. And “momentum” is energy derived from action. The only way to “hope” the “momentum” continues is through your effort, energy and action. These numbers today are clearly a result of that action. So, too, will tomorrow’s.”

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