The Hypocrisy of Joy Reid

If you’re even mildly in tune with the internal workings of the Democratic Party you are probably aware of the massive infighting around the Left’s criticism of Senator Kamala Harris. This fighting began about a week ago when MSNBC pundit Joy Reid, a big supporter of the “moderate” faction of the Democratic Party insinuated that Progressive’s criticism of Senator Harris stemmed from deep rooted racism in the movement.

If its a question of whiteness I’ll be the first in line to admit that the Progressive wing of the party is an army of mayonnaise, but to stand up and claim we’re a movement of racists and sexists while ignoring leaders of our movement like Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard, Dr. Cornel West, and Kimberly Ellis is irresponsible and misleading. A news reporter like Joy Reid should do better.
 And the criticism can go both ways.

On June 3rd 2017, Our Revolution endorsed Kimberly Ellis announced that she would appear on AM Joy. Kimberly Ellis, who ran for California Democratic Party Chair, was declared the runner up to former Vice Chair Eric Bauman in the election by 62 votes. She was to be interviewed by Joy Reid around her formal challenge to the election on June 4th, but the interview was cancelled due to coverage of the fire in London. Oddly enough, Joy made time to interview Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom that same day, a man who received major criticisms for fighting the San Francisco Board of Supervisors over a sanctuary city law while he was San Francisco’s Mayor.

This decision to exclude Ellis could be dismissed on the grounds that Newsom is running for Governor of California and is traditionally a very popular politician, mostly for his push for same-sex marriage in San Francisco that led to its legalization in California. What was troubling is that a little over a week later Joy began a twitter attack against Bernie and his followers.

This attack was a prelude to the infighting that’s happening now. Joy Reid opened up the flood gates by claiming that 90% of Sanders voters didn’t vote for Clinton, when the exact opposite is true. These attacks came out as a way to insinuate the left is somehow racist for expecting better from their potential 2020 candidates.
 Joy, who seems to have so many concerns with racism in the left, chose to exclude a black woman endorsed by Our Revolution in favor of a white man who stood against a sanctuary bill and made up statistics and tweeted them to her 751,000 followers, all in some grand attempt to make the leftist movement appear racist.

And let’s not forget: Joy Reid was an avid supporter of Secretary Clinton, who endorsed her husband’s criminal justice “reform” and shamelessly removed Black Lives Matter protestors from one of her events when they confronted her about it.

So maybe before asking your neighbors to clean up their house, Joy Reid and other moderate critics of the left should roll up their sleeves and get to work on their own racism issues? But this obviously wasn’t about racism, and more about continuing a smear campaign against the Our Revolution movement.

So how do we move past this?

We check our privilege. Or at least those of us in the leftist movement who are white, because although Joy is using our whiteness as ammo against us we’re still at fault for allowing microagressions to flourish in our ranks. We need to be more inclusive, focus on social justice just as much as economic justice, and ensure we elevate all voices. Let’s take this as an opportunity to grow, which will not only make us better but also disarm the establishment’s attacks on us.