Awesome example for Europe start-ups, Slush China.


It’s my great honored to attended the Startup Big Events-Slush china in Zpark, Nordic Science Park ,Tuesday, October 13, 2015 from 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM(CST), Beijing, China.

Open Ceremony looks like a Rock Star live show, I guess that it's wonderful experience if you're Startup&Audience in there.


As a internet Startup, if you ask me which historic moments makes me interesting in Europe History, No doubt about it- The Age of Discovery, i personally think that's 15th~the Middle of 20th Century “Gorgeous&Pathbreaking&Creative moments” in Europe. Under the guidance “The earth is round” of this belief to set out an the western ,To started the age of Discovery. Unbelievable spectacle in Europe after "THE AGE OF DISCOVERY”.

The Age of Discovery was a period of Europe global Exploration that started in the early 15th century, This represented one of the Significant global events in history, Europe Exploration allowed the global mapping of the world, A new “World-View” and distant Civilization acknowledge each other, wow, A different age is coming!

Slush Finland is A Good beginning for Europe Startups, No matter you're startup&working now , Going out cubbyhole and Looking for a new opportunities in Asia. Follow the step of your Predecessor to Exploration. video By Brandon)

No matter you're Start-ups or Working now , Mark my words, Courage is much better than Genius.


MosTra Team

Twitter:@Brandon_MosTra ; Google account:brandonlaw2013

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