Currently Dilemma in Silicon Valley and USA

#Unique History

As we looking back the process of U.S.A history is what? From my personal view-Freedom&Exploration&Take a risk.

The civilization of America it’s Big difference between “China-Continental civilization and Europe-Marine civilization” ; The mixed of cultures burst out Powerful vitality, creativity; To be superpower country in the past one and half century; Derived this culture, To transformer the unique advantages of the United States — Most of Americans not ingrained from his Brain; “They are active thinking , imaginative, pragmatic attitude”; all kinds of excellent R & D centers, Invention new technologies, put new ideas forward; Attract the talented people from around the world; English looks like a open system, to absorb the leaders , science, technology, invention, business, education and diplomacy, As well as become a national talent By universal language.

#Dilemma in Silicon Valley and USA

The advantages is “Rapiers(双刃剑)”,Not only to building the greatest United States in the Early, But also were going to be destroy US in their later period, even yourself didn’t realized it. Twenty score and thirty-nine years ago, His fathers brought forth upon this different continent to building a new nation , conceived in liberty ; That’s fabulous moments for human history ; Over the past 200 years, As a winner between western culture and oriental culture. Arrogant&Ego thought they are the best, their ideas&policies were going to be popular in the world for a bunches of western country ; The bottom of their heart, There is no need to understand the different countries and cultural ; Habitually-ignored the china, Never have been to china and their understanding came from “Mainstream-Media&Network “ ; For political purpose; The majority of America economists didn’t realized to research on china .The biggest successful of United States came from “Hug&Open-mind to welcome the peoples around the world” . Seemed like it’s not eager to going out and to seeing the others&understand the exotic countries and cultures, That’s dilemma in silicon valley and US.

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