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Biz Stone

Take a magic into “Twitter” again.

The magic is where? Focus on a few tips I thought.

①putting a joyful into “Twitter Team”. Imagination the scenery when You&Jack&Ev to Start-up. The period is including your “Sweats & Tears&Love&Joyful” for each others; No exaggeration-I could be feeling the ‘joyful’ as I reading your “book-Things a Little Bird Told Me”

This book was fulfilled your “Positive mind”, Biz! Your passion & funny & humor & idea & integrity is always appear in there.
No matter whatever you do , you’d better to looking for the “Joyful” as you doing something. Once you find the joyful, literally , The efficiency was going to follow you, after The passion were going to following there . And after the miracle will be appearance. A wonderful example for us -The Pixar Animation Studio.

② “Confidences is much important than golden”, Your positive mind are he keys to rebuilding Twitter. How to expand this “Positive ”for the twitter staffs and investors. Cannot find the second ones to instead of you, Biz. You are the “Magic” for Twitter. Jack did a best decision !

③ Keep “The Origin Magic of Twitter — Simplicity”, That’s a biggest difference than the competitors. Expand this unique. The strengths of Twitter are fastest 5~10mins than other platform & social media & networking.

Your Chinese Fan’s Heart Will Be Always with Twitter and You.

Keep up and Good work, Biz!

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