To Be A Pirates

#Pirates-Breaking The Regular , Do Some Different Things For The World#

“Kill The Past Yourself , Do Some Different Things For The Broken World” Re-born&Re-building yourself- My Startup Slogan.

Building The Fabulous&Disruption&Simple Production For The Special You. The Following Reason What We Want To Building

. Do some different production& to be a content review community(twitter-style) will be a billion dollar business , Is much better than do the same things.

.Compared with the regular army, the pirates are always likely to breaking anything, Doing “Inconceivable and Impossible” things, That's always i would like to do. Unlike drugs and guns, personally i thought it's much better for the world.

It is called "Mostra" what were going to be second project- MosTra is built on a commission that people share project with each other by Automatic recommendations/download/upload .

There are reasons that MosTra provides with value.

1:So interesting, easy and effective to sharing startup project from friends.

2:Developers can publish project instantly, engage with their users more closely.

3:Decentralization, No editor& No recommended by investment companies, You are master of your “Startup Production”

MosTra is a Napster soul+ Twitter-Style network that users talk about projects in tweets post . Users can upload&download pitch-Deck/Demo, By the way, Review a 110 characters post.

#Mixed Trait #


. Simplicity: It looks like an app “Twitter-style” to phone users, just all these “tweets” are about project , The second to sharing apps , which are download/Upload, so they don’t need to go search elsewhere. No need Editor/Attended all kinds of Events.

.Mixed : MosTra recommendation is unique trait to everyone because you never to know who share/upload/download what, never to hear or sounds to puzzling project, and who follow whom. That’s big difference. From my bottom heart, i really hope that MosTra looks like “The Smurfs-Have a skip soul”.

Up to now,I’m looking for the ones who have a strong desire do some Differently&Useful&Funny&Interesting things or if you love to share this vision&and have the following skills:
• Growth hacking.
• Guru for any Field.
• Coder: Android, Back-end&Front- end&Full stack,Any programming language .

Are you tired of working only for money, want to build differently production& something bigger than youself now , To be a legacy with your name on it when we leave . let‘s meeting Awesome you!

Finally,You will be receive salary and stock options.Since we are in early stage. You were going to have a lot of space on canvas to pain on.

Be frankly, I don't fucking care your "Racial&Skin&Status", we are a big family, we are under the blue sky and enjoy the water. Show your difference for the world and our Team if you think you're unique one -Always searching for someone who Treat Codes As Poetry&As Drawing As Picasso&As Writing As Shakespeare&As Sex As Art.people who's love to share our passion&vision to together building the "Distruption/Simple production with clean and elegance codes, c'mon. welcome to us!

Sharing a little time with me.

Keep it simple, Together with MosTra.

Twitter account: Brandon Law@Brandon_MosTra

Google account: