LA Week ???: 4 Months Later

…Where should I even begin?

About a year and a half ago I knew that I was going to move out here to Los Angeles, California to start a new life. It felt like the right move even though the plan I had was barely concrete or didn’t make much sense. It was a feeling that I had that led me to believe in myself and my efforts to make this possible and sustainable. In the beginning of this year, January to be exact, I was welcomed with what I would say now a blessing in disguised that changed coursed my plan. 3 months later I would start packing, ending final obligations, and begin this crazy journey of driving from Somerset, New Jersey to where i’ve been living at now, Los Angeles, California. Even writing this now brings back nostalgic feelings; doubt, worry, ignorance, all of those things echoed through my mind as I folded my clothes, to driving on the road day by day for 10+ hours, to even getting here and figuring out where to stay by the first week here. And with all of that it definitely changed my perspective of how I want to live my life and how serious I have to be moving forward. I’m sure we’ve all heard the story of a person packing up leaving everything behind and starting a new life and journey into the unknown. Welp, for all my friends that know me, that’s exactly what I did.

4 Months in isn’t enough to start giving great advice, however it’s enough to start giving good advice if you plan on moving to LA or moving anywhere for that matter:

  1. Downsize, Less is More: I packed my life in a Honda Civic. When I got here and found a place to stay, I slept on the floor for the first month. The reason behind the madness; 1) less stuff, less things to focus on and 2) when you live off of the “nothing” you have, you can thrive off of the something that you will have. I had to be creative with what I had and what I did with it; my workout mat was my bed, my boxes with my music equipment became my desk, and my longboard was my quick easy way to get to place to place nearby without driving wasting gas. Keep things simple.
  2. Handle Your Emotions First, Then Money: Money is important I get it, however if you’re thinking emotional/irrational you will make bad money decisions. I guarantee you that.
  3. Have Thick Skin And A Soft Heart: From the people, girls i’ve been on dates with, there’s something about this city that turns people into flakes n jades that i’m still trying to figure out. However no matter how many people I cross paths with I never allow it to shape how I treat people or think of others. Because of that I believe that’s how i’ve been doing pretty well so far. I’m willing to connect with others at the same time willing to instantly disconnect myself with others that brings no value to the table or have no interest of having a healthy relationship. LA is one of the overpopulated cities in America, I think I can live without a handful of people that don’t see eye to eye with me.

Those are the few things that I can think would be helpful for wherever your next journey takes you. This city will make you broke and crazy if you allow it to.

As for not doing what I promised a month ago, writing and vlogging my journey here in LA, a lot has changed, “i’ve changed a lot”. I didn’t feel as passionate taking videos, editing, and posting it on youtube when my real passion is making music and posting that. Posting 4 blogs in a month and 1 song didn’t make any sense to me. I’m a musician not a writer or a video maker. So as of now, Voging is definitely in the backburnner and writing will happen from time to time, just want to give music creation more time needed. Also i’ve been focusing on interviewing and finally found a job that fits with my overall career plan; .

I’ve had some heartbreak type of moments, loneliness occurring, and even feelings of doubt being here. But I settled that there’s no turning back, all that I can do now is push forward and stay on course. No distractions, no second guessing, no scheming, just do it. Execute the vision and get it.

For those that read my rants, thank you for believing me. Thank you for feeling that this is worth your precious time to see how everything is going on my side. I have been MIA for a while but that’s because that was a time for me to focus and hustle to get where i’m at now. And I can say that now the first chapter of this journey is done and a new one begins.

Much Love,