Inquiring Minds Want to Know…#HowIWrite

Yesterday Trent Selbrede wrote a nice piece on why and how he writes. I looked at it as a personal challenge to look inside myself, and ask those same questions. How do I Write and Why do I Write…seems simple right? I found it to be more personal and complex then I had thought the answers would be.

The Why
Although I am not pounding away on a typewriter, I believe this quote sums up in a simple way why I enjoy writing. To bleed, in a sense, is to bear your soul for all to see. For me writing serves as a creative outlet for how I see the world, be it right or wrong. I am prone to having an avalanche of ideas at any one given moment. Writing has always helped me to clear my head and become more focused on expanding my thoughts and ideas. It is the creative process behind expanding on those, and putting it into writing that I get a rush from.

Why the leap of writing as a personal journey, to publishing on LinkedIn? Hitting the Publish button is analogous to many of the decisions we make each day. What if I push it, what if I don’t? What if I take that job, what if I don’t? What if I ask her to marry me, what if I don’t? We unfortunately live our life choosing “Don’t” more than we ever do saying “Yes” to things. It is the fear of rejection, loss, etc., that hold us back. This outlet helps me to do just that….to say “Yes” more!

The How
Again no typewriter for this kid, just a notebook that I use to jot down thoughts and ideas. I found that it is especially useful when I have a quick thought that comes to mind, or an idea on something. I also love technology and enjoy the ease of using my iPhone and iPad when they are close by. But I am a Gen X kid who still feels a bit nostalgic and enjoys putting pen to paper, and find that this platform serves me best.

Usually a couple of my thoughts and ideas keep drawing me back, and I feel the need to expand upon it. I break out the trusty lap top, and start the process of writing. Sometimes it comes easy, other times it is like hitting a brick wall. I have found that when I am passionate about something the words piece together more easily. Not surprising I suppose.

Once completed, I always sit on it for the night to provide some clarity to what I was writing. If I am fortunate I appreciate the input of a respected friend in the proof reading process. Then voila….I am ready to hit the Publish button. Mind you this is only the third time I have hit that button.

Thanks again Trent for your words yesterday. It is people like yourself, and others on LinkedIn that serve as mentors in your own unique and special way. This platform is here to make us think, make us better and to open us up to the possibilities of saying “Yes” more.


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