Exploring Bitcoin through the lens of natural selection, evolution, and symbiosis

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This is a story of how symbiotic relationships can change the course of history forever.

Just as fungi and plants formed a symbiotic relationship to successfully colonize dry land, humans can form symbiosis with Bitcoin to improve individually and to advance our species.

In this article we’re going to explore Bitcoin as a catalyst for human evolution, through the lens of geological timescales, evolution, and symbiosis.


Come gather ‘round people, wherever you roam,
Give yourself a moment, to reflect on this poem.

Amidst the chaos, we have an opportunity.

Humans are clever and resilient. You were made for this.

Let’s face it. Failures of the old paradigm are stacking up. Our administration has failed us, markets exposed bare, the media drives narratives not facts, “capitalist” corporations seeking bailouts.

This serves as a wakeup call. More people will realize the power structures are NOT looking out for our best interests. Occasionally our interests align, but when the goin’ gets tough we’re on our own. …

Disclaimer: this is not medicinal advice, I’m not a doctor and don’t play one on the internet. This is coming from an enthusiastic mycophile. This is my best understanding of the topic at hand, please reach out if I got anything wrong or if you have anything to add (reach out on twitter or comment below).

Quick Summary

  • Covid-19 is here and it’s a big deal. Prepare yourself.
  • Medicinal mushrooms are shown to support the immune system, and show signs of being active against viruses (Covid-19 is a virus)
  • Are medicinal mushrooms a silver bullet? Absolutely not.
  • Will consuming medicinal…

On June 26th, 2019 I gave a presentation on at the Bitcoin 2019 Conference in San Francisco. The title of my talk was “Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism.”

In this presentation, I explored Bitcoin as a living system that evolves based on environmental stimuli. The concepts discussed were a natural evolution of my article series comparing Bitcoin to mycelium.

Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism Presentation @ Bitcoin 2019 Conference

I want to thank the organizers of the Bitcoin 2019 conference for the opportunity to share these ideas with the greater community. They put on a fantastic event full of interesting…

We’ve all heard the incredible potential of a Bitcoin future. I’m certainly on board for sound money and social scalability.

However, this drama will take decades. What if Bitcoin doesn’t survive long enough to realize it’s full potential?

Thankfully Satoshi learned from failed attempts at private money. Bitcoin’s genetic code was engineered for maximum survivability.

In this article, we’re going to explore the fertile macro environment and Bitcoin’s survivability through the lens of fungi.

Here’s the whole series for reference:

Source: NPR

There seems to be considerable confusion around Bitcoin’s governance model. In this article, I’m attempting to shine a light on Bitcoin’s informal governance which is often called a “culture war.”

We’ll explore “in-fighting” in the Bitcoin community, lessons learned from failed forks, and highlight a few rarely discussed benefits of Bitcoin’s informal governance including minimizing the attack surface, refining the core message, and lowering the user acquisition cost.

Bitcoin is Social Consensus Automated by a Protocol

One way to describe Bitcoin is a group of people who loosely organize around a shared system. Users coalesce around the rules of the game which are then automated by code in…

Exploring Hype Cycles, Ethnomycology, and the Cult of Satoshi

Original Artwork by Richard Giblett


In my last article, “Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism” we explored bitcoin’s decentralized architecture through the lens of mycelium. We covered the decentralized network archetype, antifragility, PoW, arbitrage, bitcoin’s role in it’s ecology, and the merits of decentralization.

However, our fungi story is not yet complete. The next stage in the fungal life cycle is to reproduce and this all happens inside the mushroom. After reaching maturity, mushrooms release little mushroom seeds called spores capable of colonizing new territory.

Although the fungi kingdom is quite alien compared to life in the…

Original Artwork by Emmaline Bailey


First, I need to give credit to Dan Held for publishing his 4-part series comparing bitcoin’s origin to planting a tree. While I loved his series, I believe a more robust analogy is comparing bitcoin to fungi. If you’re new to this topic, strap in — it is my honor to initiate you into the fascinating world of fungi.

Polymathic responsibility: Just as Satoshi combined separate disciplines to stitch together a franken-technology we call bitcoin… It is my belief that each of us has the responsibility to explore our unique cross sections of knowledge. …

Brandon Quittem

Entrepreneur. Bitcoin. Fungi. Content Marketing and Education for Swan Bitcoin. DMs open on twitter. www.BrandonQuittem.com

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