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4 Sexy Ways To Troll Your Own Medium Account

In an effort to completely negate the validity of employers, cops, judges, and other super villains from using our social media posts/pics against us, I propose some drastic changes that you need to implement immediately.


1: Confess, on a regular basis, to crimes that you may or may not have committed.
Example 1: I was a nazi between 1941 and 1946. I remain an unrepentant nazi to this day.
Example 2: I murdered Lincoln. (Seriously, is the FBI even TRYING to solve this case anymore??)

2: Express hostility to the justice department.
Example 1: All cops are racists.
Example 2: All judges are corrupt shit eaters who send people to jail for profit.

3: Express hostility to any form of work.
Example: I should not be hired by anyone because I loathe paid employment. Any prospective employers reading this should know that I am completely serious.

4: Declare yourself a terrorist.
Example: I am a terrorist. I have been to Al Qaeda Traning Camp 4 times and have learned many skills which will help me destroy your freedom.

There ya go! After finding out that they’ve arrested roughly 87,000 people based on false confessions, the justice dept and executive branch will have no choice but to implode, thereby allowing citizens to actually have a democracy! Revolution is SO EASY! Internet activism ftw!!!!!!!
They can take our freedom, but they will never take out righteous indignation!

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