…Says a guy whose trail on this particular website reveals that “old” and “female” are the two…
Kelly Ellis

I guess I can see how you thought the “neither old nor female” thing was sexist and ageist, but I was trying to couch it in irreverence and self-deprecation which would therefore highlight even more the absurdity of getting on an actual, physically tall horse and shouting DEAL WITH IT GRANDMA (in all caps) over a minor grammatical issue. Either way, it’s an utter failure of a joke. I’ll admit that much. And I don’t actually have a tall horse.

As for the nonexistent ageism in that other post, the one about the economy, there are real differences in perspectives between people of different generations. If you want to call that ageism, whatever. It was sympathy, exasperation, and probably other big words all mixed together in a few short thoughts.

So, in conclusings, I don’t own any horses, middle aged people were actually sold for all their lives the dream of working for one person for 50 years and then retiring on the beach, that economy is nearly dead, it is unfortunate that many of them keep believing in it rather than expanding their skill base and seeking multiple streams of revenue… aaaand wouldn’t you know it. Your trail on Medium is nothing but your thoughts on gender relations.

I get it now. Have a nice weekend. We’re done.

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