Sometimes It’s Not Our Story to Tell
Nowhere Men

The reaction you guys got from Paco is extremely common. Most media outlets that want to tell the Zapatista story go to the organization’s most public-facing village (Oventic), get turned away at the gate, and write a butthurt piece about how the movement has failed.

The Zapatistas have been betrayed countless times by journalists and travelers who’ve published sensitive information that led to them getting fucked even harder by the Mexican government.

You have to jump through a lot of hoops and have connections in order to get a friendly conversation because, honestly, they don’t give even half a fuck about outsiders. The stakes are too high for them. Many of their people have died in the last few decades as a result of corporate/military/paramilitary repression.

It’s really cool to see that you guys were open to listening to their point of view, because damn near every single other journalist/blogger/writer gets pissy when the Zapatistas try to tell us that their lives are theirs, and that their lives don’t belong to our cameras.