U.S. as outlaw culture

Listen again to Boleli’s outlaw section in the Taoist Lectures as well as some of Thaddeus Russel’s stuff on the subject.

An Entry

Risk takers and lawbreakers keep the U.S. alive.

The most basic and fundamental fact about America is that we were founded on illegal immigration and open defiance of authority…even violent defiance.

We. Don’t. Follow. Rules. and that has been our strength since DAY ONE.

Final sentence of the piece (and first sentence)

Opposing illegal immigration is the single most anti-american thing you can do.

I’m not talking about LEGAL immigration, by the way. I’m talking about ILLegal immigration.

Tie illegal imm to risk-taking, entrepreneurship, capitalism, creative destruction, competition, hunger, and everything that “patriots” love about America.

“Huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

We need HUNGRY people.

The way legal immigration is structured today leaves us ONLY with unhungry people; rich foreigners.

We need hungry people.

Legal immigration leaves us with the foreign equivalents of Conrad and Paris Hilton: useless parasites who have never accomplished and will never accomplish anything.

Legal immigration is riskless, and therefore less valuable in the longterm than illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants are risk takers. Illegal immigrants are hungry. They are

Think about Britain before America. World conquerors. A global empire. They were risk-takers as well. Then some of those risk-takers sailed to a newly-discovered continent they knew almost nothing about. They got on wooden boats and spent months on the ocean just for a chance to start from NOTHING. Then they set up some villages on the Eastern coast, but that wasn’t risky enough for them. They decided to head West. Why? Because fuck it. They had sailed across an ocean. Why not cross a continent as well?

Risk takers. Illegal immigrants.

They were so risk-oriented that they eventually built a nation that became even more successful than Britain.

Today in the West we’ve grown soft. We’re too comfortable. We have inherited the long-term benefits that those long-dead risk-takers worked for.

We see our cultural weakness every time a social justice warrior gets triggered by a political election and posts a video on YouTube SCREAMING about how triggered they are that someone they don’t like got elected President.

That is where we are as a nation, as a culture. We need to accept it. We’re soft. That’s why Europe is being conquered by people who OPENLY talk about their ongoing religious conquest of Europe.

The West is soft. We need to recognize it so that we can stop being soft. We need to admit we have a problem.

Complaining about illegal immigration is loser mentality. It’s a bitch move. It’s soft.

Anyone complaining about a Mexican stealing their job is someone who’s already lost the entire game. It’s someone who’s given up. It’s someone with soft loser bitch mentality. It’s someone who DESERVES to get laid off.

The immigrants who are coming are not particularly skilled laborers. They’re taking up jobs that are hard, yes, but that don’t require much mental energy to do. But they are not soft. They are risk takers. They are not afraid of being uncomfortable. They work harder than you do.

And so if you haven’t found a way to make your job unstealable, you DESERVE to have it stolen. It is survival of the fittest. You have an education advantage that you CHOSE not to use. That made you weaker and it allowed someone stronger to steal you job.

Voting for a guy who’s gonna build a wall to keep out people who are stronger than you is LOSER MENTALITY.

So let’s face the fact that we can’t outwork the people who are coming here illegally. We’ve gotten soft as a culture. We’re afraid of risk and hard work.

Let’s just accept that reality and figure out what to do about it. And the only long-term solution is to make yourself stronger. Stronger physically, sure, but MENTALLY. Just about everyone watching this video has a higher level of education than most of those immigrants. Even the 12 year olds. I’m not kidding and I’m not talking shit about them. I’m stating reality.

They are going to outwork you physically. But you can outthink them and position yourself accordingly. Once you’re in that position, though, you’re going to have to compete with legal immigrants who are either at or above your education level. PLUS they can also outwork you physically.

Loser mentality would suggest you ban ALL immigrants. But that’s an idea so stupid that we don’t even need to discuss it. Just dismiss it out of hand and move on.

So now you have to compete with people who know math better than you do.

If you’re in science, I wish you luck. But if you’re in business, you have a shot.

The market wants what it wants. And it WANTS illegal immigration because that way we keep the prices down. We want to keep prices down because we’re still stuck in that loser mentality, but that’s a different topic.

The only choice we have is to look at reality as it actually is. Not as we wish it would be. Or at least we need to spend more time seeing reality than dreaming about a perfect future.

Once we see reality, we understand that the market will not change just because a few voters in swing states swung an election toward a guy promising to make your life easier. Trump’s not gonna make your life easier. Clinton wouldn’t have either. Depending on politicians to make things easier is, again, loser mentality.

If your success depends on a politician, you’ve lost. At life….the universe, and everything.

I’m sounding pretty self-helpy right here.