Strength Comes with the Territory

by: Dave Meier

Just as two heavyweight boxers would feel each other out in the beginning of a fight, Camie Cragg too had an internal fight, when attempting to figure out her life purpose. There was always a part of her that loved fitness, but never acted upon it. Cragg herself stated that “I didn’t believe there was any way I could workout and make it a business,” Cragg inevitably proved her self wrong, and now boasts one of the most prosperous gyms in Reno, NV., but through success comes hardship.

As our team entered Camie Cragg Fitness, Cragg had just finished a workout session with a group of 20 women. We waited for a measly 30 seconds, before Camie showed us into her office. Once we entered her office, you could tell it was used for more, one on one situations, not necessarily group meetings. Her desk was cluttered with various papers pertaining to her business, and she had a couch in the corner, just big enough for her young children to nap on at various points in the day. While on the inside Cragg has a million things running through her mind at once, to the ever day person, Cragg radiates an aura that doesn’t appear like she is bombarded with work. She greets everyone with a warm smile, that not only feels inviting but instills confidence. According to Camie she has “five pillars in her business life and five pillars in her personal life she must water equally,” it can’t be easy dealing with this constant push and pull.

When Cragg was asked about the core values of her gym, she used an analogy to try and get her point across. She stated that each value was like a pillar, and she would water each pillar accordingly so her business would be successful. Even though Cragg is the owner of such a strong business, she has regrets nonetheless, on how it has effected her personal life. She said she may be brought to tears talking about it, but stated “I’ve watered more of the career at times than I have my own family.” Granted, this must have been disheartening when Cragg first started out, but through her experience she has learned how to balance both aspects of her life effectively. Cragg told us, “Wisdom is through healing pain.” She figured out how to not miss break through events in the fitness industry, while being around for detrimental parts of her children’s lives. This is undeniably strength in its most complex form.

Cragg keeps Camie Cragg fitness’s core values intact with intelligence and precision. Cragg states that her gym was built “so I can do for others.” She does this daily, by attempting to put herself into their shoes when it comes to training. Cragg relishes the challenges that come with creating workouts that are hyper-specific to the individual. While she was training the cheer team, during the Summer of 2015, she went in not knowing much about cheer at all. As they began their workouts together, Cragg attempted to figure out what muscles she needed to strengthen, in order to make the cheer team as successful as possible. So she ended up stunting, and placing herself in situations where experience would guide her. Cragg’s willingness to adapt and change is the sign of a capable business owner.

Through Cragg’s everyday practices, she has begun to figure out how to not only deal with her hardships, but make them work in her favor. Camie Cragg is a role model and an inspiration to the city of Reno. She has an unsurmountable amount of potential and drive that have made, and will continue to make her flourish. Strength isn’t just physical but emotional too, and luckily for Camie Cragg she has the ability to boast both of these attributes proudly.

by: Brandon Cruz