Podcast Episode #1: How to Navigate the Four Stages of Product Market Fit

For early stage tech founders, achieving product market fit is arguably the most critical aspect of building a successful business. Most first-time founders, however, don’t think about the four stages of product market fit and how to successfully navigate them.

Listen to the podcast here: https://soundcloud.com/valleyinnovators/how-to-navigate-the-four-stages-of-product-market-fit

Who is my guest?

On this episode of our podcast The Confounded Founder we’re joined by John Dawes, Executive In Residence, at Costanoa Ventures. John and I worked together in the analytics space previously and he’s led product teams at startups throughout his career. He’s now advising Costanoa portfolio companies to help them navigate the waters of creating successful product.

What will you learn?

At Costanoa Ventures, John created an insightful framework about how to navigate the 4 stages of product market fit. You can read it here (and I’d highly recommend you follow both on Medium): https://medium.com/costanoa-ventures/the-stages-of-product-market-fit-f7261483364c

How can you get involved?

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About Brandon Lopez

Brandon Lopez is Co-founder of Valley Innovators and his mission is to bring best practices and connections from Silicon Valley to help founders succeed. Brandon has over 15 years of marketing and product leadership experience at enterprise companies such as LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Oracle as well as startups in the analytics, social media, and productivity sectors.

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