According to a study conducted by the scholars of Carnegie Mellon University, USA and Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan ranks as the 2nd country in the list of deaths caused as a result of selfies.

Labelled as Me, Myself and My Killfie: Characterizing and Preventing Selfie Deaths; the study was mentioned a total of 9 deaths which occurred due to the selfie fad in Pakistan.

Since March 2014, the fad of selfie and the trend of snapping perfect has been booming since then, the researches have concluded about 127 confirmed selfie deaths across the world.

In a blog post by the researchers;

“The clicking of dangerous selfies (has proved) to be so disastrous that during the year 2015 alone, there have been more deaths caused due to selfies than shark attacks all over the world.”

Moreover, it has been found that majority of the deaths as a result of taking selfies and pictures were of men when compared to the women, due to their competitive and daring nature.

The researchers said that for a few number of “likes, comments and followers” on the social media is not worth losing your life over. Lastly, they added that this study was conducted to spread among the establishments and the governments who are not taking precious lives into account.

Preceding Pakistan, India ranks №1 on the list.

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