True friends are hard to find

Friendship exists in a weird place in modern society.

It’s the main subject of songs, movies, TV Shows; a major catalyst for the picture frame industry; and a social media commodity. But true friends are actually pretty difficult to find. I think that’s why the notion of having them, and doing things with them is such a big part of our culture. “Going out with friends” is among the most normal social activities you can do.

But true friends are really hard to find. There are so many different levels of friendship (many of which have been recently invented) that it can be hard to distinguish who falls where. During this long weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with a couple of sets of friends. The first group I’ve known for a little over a year, the second I’ve known all my life.

I had an incredibly fun time in both circumstances, but it was interesting to watch how everyone interacted with one another.

My first outing was a big, multi-hour brunch with friends from work. I knew almost everyone there, and I like them all. That said, the party did turn into different sets of people hanging out. People would certainly float in and out of groups, but you could tell that some folks wanted to hang around each other. I’m a floaty person, so I spent a little bit of time in a few of the groups, but even I ended up sticking with a handful of people.

The second interaction I had was with my best friend. We’ve known eachother our entire lives, but tend to hang out in larger groups. Last night it was just us, and I convinced him to turn a quiet night of classical music and food into a raging drinkathon. It worked, it was rad, and my goodness have I been at half speed all day today.

In that circumstance the conversation continues to flow and get more insane with each passing sentence. Old friends tend to have fewer boundaries and more past experiences to draw upon. You can reference something that happened a decade ago while making a new memory. The situation can get crazier than normal, but still be OK because you have this security blanket built up for years.

I’m lucky to have a number of true friends in my life. They teach me about myself, themselves, and the world by sharing their point of view. There are many things that are overrated in this world, but friendship isn’t one of them.

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