Everyone is Upset that Jon Stewart is Leaving The Daily Show

Stop crying now.

We’ve all had to deal with news that Jon Stewart will be leaving The Daily Show after 17 years. Forever.

It’s time to move on, to remember the good times but not dwell on the sadness. But everywhere we turn, we’re reminded of our loss. Tweeters are lamenting the loss. Retrospective albums are appearing on Facebook. Buzzfeed is already taking bets on his replacement.

Immeditealy after the announcement — broken from the studio by The AV Club — Twitter exploded. Average mentions per minute shot up from 3 to over 700. In the past 24 hours, there have been over 170,000 of the 51-year-old actor.

Tens of thousands of tweeters talked about their sadness and despair. Men seemed to more outraged that women, making up a bigger chunk of the conversation.

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