Who vs You:

An EastEnders Tweetstorm

Who Killed Lucy Beale?

For over a year, the British public have been carefully following EastEnders’ biggest storyline yet. The answer is set to be revealed on Thursday.

Before Tuesday’s episode the verdict on social media was that her stepmother, Jane Beale, was the killer.

Confused Words

Tuesday’s episode was more contentious than most. When revealing the identity of Lucy’s killer, actor Jack Wood’s line “You killed Lucy” was misheard by Tweeters across the country.

There were over 17,000 tweets in response to the reveal. The rate of tweets hit 250 per minute, and rarely fell below 100 per minute in the hour after the show.

Many couldn’t work out whether Wood had said “I know you killed Lucy” or “I know who killed Lucy.”

Despite an initial furore over the perceived fluffed line, consensus settled — correctly — on ‘you’.

After this revelation, predictions swung into the direction of the accused — Abi Branning.

Who’s Watching?

The majority of Tweets regarding the live show came from women. They particularly dominated the conversation after Wood’s revelation, when the rate of tweets increased 100 times.

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