How To Delete a Pay In MYOB

Want to modify or edit an employee’s pay in case you recorded it incorrectly? For that, you are required to remove the payroll transaction for that particular employee. This will not only delete the payment but will also remove the payment slip. Afterward, you can Do Another Pay Run with the help of correct details.

There are three situations with the required steps below-

a. For the single employee: For removing the payroll transaction first, click Employees from Payroll menu. Tap on employee’s name and go to the Pay History tab. Search for the entry you want to remove and in Del column click X. Click Yes after receiving a confirmation message and then Save.

b. For all employees- At a time you can only delete one employee’s entry. If you want to remove complete pay run, then you have to delete each employee’s entry in payment run. The whole pay run will be removed if you have deleted the every employee’s transaction.

c. Deleting matched or reconciled- A message will appear notifying about the reconciliation if the payroll transaction you want to delete has been matched or reconciled to a bank entry.

1. Go to Reconcile option if the payroll you want to remove has been matched to a bank entry or manually reconciled. It will also impact further reconciliations.

2. Unmatch the transaction before deleting if it is amongst those entries that have been matched to bank entry.

3. It might influence your bank transaction as well as a match if the payroll you are removing has been reconciled automatically. It will be displayed again on your Bank entries where you can either allocate or match it.

These are the steps if you are looking forward to deleting a payment for every situation.

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