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I just finished watching all of the available series…again. I have also read the books. Yet, I will admit my knowledge of books vs the show have become more than a little blurred.

While watching season 6 again, something just clicked for me. I don’t like the possible scenario, but the more I try to talk myself out of it, the more it fits.

We have been reminded over and over that this is dark vs light, good vs evil, and possibly snow vs fire.

What if John doesn’t become the honorable hero we want him to be?

He didn’t take being murdered well. He was all, “I did what I thought was right and they murdered me for it. He had to be practically goaded into retaking Winterfell.

We have been warned that coming back from the dead takes its toll. Each time chips away pieces of one’s self. We all know the Red Woman isn’t above bringing John back to life as many times as it takes.

We are expecting John to embrace the truth of his paternity with open arms. Considering all he has endured due to his being a bastard…he might feel cheated.

All John ever wanted was to truly belong in Winterfell. He yearned to be a “real” Stark.

Sansa was a real Stark. She couldn’t wait to get away from Winterfell. Now, she wants to be a Stark in Winterfell more than anything. She is passionate about defending Winterfell, and is willing to fight for the North…alone if she has too. She doesn’t seem to fully trust John, either. I thought it was because she spent so much time with Little Finger. Maybe she senses something in John that warns her to not show her hand, just yet.

Between returning from the dead, learning everything he believed is false, and realizing your Uncle Ned only ever fed you lie after lie…John could go from good to bad rather quickly.

The first Ice Walker was originally one of the first men. John is a descendent of the first men. The Ice King has seen that John is a possible threat. A wise Ice King and a pissed off John could spell disaster.

Who knows. This could all mean nothing. It’s just; now the thought is in my head. I can’t get it out. Hopefully, a debate on the issue will put the whole thing to bed.

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