I’m so glad you wrote this piece, Wading in a Sea of Red.
Jim Reeves

Thank you, Jim. This actually started out as a response to your comment on my piece from yesterday. As it became more evolved, I decided to make it a stand-alone post.

I accidentally hit publish before I was finished fact checking and adding photos. I write from memory first, then double check to make sure I have the correct information. In this case, I was wrong in thinking I was older than I was. I didn’t actually get to vote until the election after this one. I changed the dates to reflect that.

You were already highlighting as I was editing. I’m hoping you will revisit the post to see the photos I added of my grandparents. They loved each other until the end of their days. Mamaw passed away early last year, after suffering from Alzheimer’s. My papaw passed away less than a month ago from congestive heart failure. They both lived to the ripe old age of 91. They were the sweetest couple I have ever known. They are sorely missed.

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