Interior Photography of a living room shot by Brantely Photography

How to shoot interiors like a pro, Brantely Photography share some insider tips.

The husband and wife team of Robert and Carmel have been creating images for designers, architects, and developers, for over 20 years, this creative collaboration has led to widely published photography. Their area of specialty is architectural and interior design photography.

How to take a good interior picture.

Step 1: Size up the room.

You want to capture the most interesting angle, you want your picture to tell a story. To do this go to each corner of the room and look at the perspective of each to determine which will tell the best story. Remember to also try and capture some of the floor, sometimes interior shots without the floor can almost make the room look as if it is floating.

Step 2: Watch out for Lighting! (not lightening)

One of the key components to a good shot is the lighting. Chances are you don’t have reflectors or a light meter to measure the amount of light. Natural light works great, you just need to determine how to use it well. It is always best to shoot practice shots in the room throughout the day to determine when to capture the perfect lighting. Rule of thumb, don’t shoot into the light and if the room is bright with a lot of windows maybe draw the curtains to reduce the brightness. If you are looking for a softer light it might be best to photograph as the sun is setting or rising.

Step 3: Set the mood!

Think about the story you are trying to capture. Is there to much clutter, do you need to clear away the magazines and pictures to convey your story? Or would adding an extra pop of color by placing a brightly colored pillow on the couch make the photo work.

Once you have these 3 basic steps down, you should be ready to shoot, and for inspiration you can always look through interior design magazines. Taking pictures since 1990, Robert and Carmel have worked hard to establish Brantley Photography as the go-to photographers for interior designers, architects, and builders who want to get their design projects published in magazines, books, and on social media.

Photgrapher Robert Brantely