One Nation Under God Exists!

Today, I have good news for every American Christian. The one thing you’ve been fighting for your whole life has finally happened. Our nation is now “One Nation Under God.” Sound too good to be true? Continue reading…

We all belong to a nation that is full of righteous leaders. These leaders make mistakes, but they are committed to gospel influenced decisions. The legislation is now accepting of all people from every walk of life, but it is an enemy of sin. The President has made it possible so that everyone has everything they need. No one is lacking anything and injustice, hate, and discrimination have been driven back.

This sounds like a pipe dream, huh? But it’s not. For those of us in Christ, we are citizens of different kingdom now. Our American citizenship pails in comparison and plays second fiddle to our citizenship in the kingdom of God. We’ve all been made ambassadors of this kingdom and it is now our job to bring liberation and love to those outside the kingdom. We are no longer affected by external circumstance because the kingdom that we belong to is eternal.

One of the biggest threats to Christianity losing credibility with out unbelieving neighbors is our political stances. We fight for sacred marriage, the rights of the unborn and other “noble” fights. What we see as noble is what the Apostle Paul begged us not to do. “Don’t wrestle with flesh and blood.” Our fight is not with man. When we fight against man, right or wrong, we make an enemy of man. We put ourselves against the neighbors we have been sent to as ambassadors of the new kingdom.

Here is the good news. You don’t have to fight for these political beliefs because they already exist in the kingdom of God. The unborn are fought for, marriages are fought for, sacred sexuality is fought for, the weak are fought for. You already belong to this good and perfect kingdom!

For too long people have been pushed away from the kingdom of God because we have tried to transform the kingdom of man into the kingdom of God. This has been ineffective for the past 20 years. As long as man exists in his own kingdom, it will be at odds with God’s kingdom.

My plea is that instead of fighting in man’s kingdom, can we be peacemakers? Can we fight for the weak and marginalized? Can we show them that people care? This means can we help end the hate against a LGBTQ community that we disagree with BECAUSE hatred and suffering is wrong? Can we fight to end racism and poverty because we want to love our neighbor well?

As we look at Jesus’ life, we see political turmoil everywhere he goes. This turmoil is caused not by political platforms and standing publicly for beliefs but by actions. Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick, and fought for the weak and sin-filled(tax collectors, prostitutes, Pharisees, etc). These actions is what led people toward hatred of him.

Let us be hated for our good works instead of our opinions. Why would we choose to be hated for fighting for freedoms we already have in Christ?

Let us strive to remove every stumbling block from our gospel witness. Let politics and opinion take a back seat and let your good works shine before man so that they may glorify God. Let us fight for unity and not fight against our fellow man. Let’s heed the words of Jesus and be peacemakers as children of God.