“Breaking Out” From VEGAS!

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Mark down the date, 12/22/2015, the day that #Branzig started posting his writings on a public forum regularly.

So this happened today, Vegans were treated to an unexpected heavenly meteorological event earlier this evening. Apparently from what I gleaned from Twitter reports about the meteor came in from Bakersfield, Boulder City, Sacramento, Mesquite, Cedar City, Pasadena, & even as far north as Reno. As this is my first article I will leave out the links and images (HINT: See below) until I am more familiar with this “Medium”. You can find me, ‘Branzig’, on social media by using the #Branzig or go directly to Facebook and friend me here: BRANZIG & Please DO NOT FORGET TO FOLLOW ME on “the Twitter

Cheers, for now, Branzig.

OK, here’s a link about the Vegas Meteor, From: “Heavy.com

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