Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker


Wake up late, browse the New York Times and the Economist in bed, hate-reading all political news with relish. Feel vaguely dirty, but informed. – Free (subscriptions are already sunk costs)

Have breakfast – by which I mean slurping down a mug of instant coffee the size of which would make a trucker blanch. Get at me, stomach ulcers! – Free (I have so much of that stuff.)

Pick up groceries for lunch at the beach. – $15

Remember I’m translucent and dash back into the store for SPF never-strong-enough. -$10

Bike to the beach and jump into the water immediately, because sand is my enemy and it is too hot to live on shore. – Free

Have dinner with 20 friends, potluck-style! – $20 for groceries, $15 for beer?

Sleep – Free (One day I will write a dystopian novel where denizens of some twisted future city-state have to pay for sleep privileges – it’s not a far cry from what we have right now, with folks stitching together three jobs to make ends meet, and every hour of sleep represents forgone income.)


News/Nescafé (The dream team!) -Free

Grocery run for lunch/dinner – $30 (Can you tell that massive Costco runs are not my thing?)

Mountain biking! – $15 for band aids and Advil if I rocket into a bush (learning) – free if I manage to stay on my bike.

Sleep – free (our dimension) or 1 kidney (dystopian hellscape)

Total: $100ish

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