Gigi is the new face of TOMMY

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have noticed by now that Tommy Hilfiger has bet big on the ethereally beautiful Gigi Hadid as their new muse.

Gigi is part of a new ratpack that literally can’t do anything wrong at the moment; her crew, including fellow supermodel sister Bella, the now seemingly omnipresent Cara Delevigne, freshfaced “it girl” Karlie Kloss and rounded out by ruthlessly ambitious songstress Taylor Swift and a gaggle of various other nefarious henchwomen, is among the most feared on the scene.

We needn’t get into their individual exploits at this juncture: the sheer collective publicity generated by this clique is atmospheric, as in off the charts.

Tommy Hilfiger is well aware of this. Despite Gigi’s angelic smile and plush good looks, the decision for her to be the new face of the legacy brand is a solidly data-driven one.