Crazy winter driving in snow storm today

Southern Ontario had lots of snow dumped on it last night. Snow events were declared. The snow was still falling and blowing this morning when everyone was trying to drive to work.

It was crazy on the road. Poor visibility, gusting winds, very wet and slushy, slippery driving. Even some of the main 4-lane feeder roads only had tracks in them. Lots of previous tire spinning had created lots of ice for unsuspecting drivers. And any slight hills, either up or down…. look out!

As I was driving in this, I was no longer concerned with which lane might be moving faster or have fewer delays due to turning vehicles. Nope, not today.

My only two concerns were:

  • Don’t cause or contribute to any accidents
  • Don’t have any scary moments, aka, “Whew, just missed it!”

Which for me meant:

  • Go slow; no, slower
  • Lots of space between my vehicle and the one in front of me
  • Which lane appeared to have access to the road surface and better traction
  • Periodically test the brakes and rediscover how little traction I really have today

Now I’m contemplating the drive home. The previous weather forecast called for the snow to gradually change to freezing rain this afternoon.

Well, guess what? The freezing rain began about two hours ago. The nearby highway 401 has been closed in portions due to the freezing rain iciness on the highway. People have been going home early before the driving becomes even worse.

Even worse?!

Good luck out there fellow drivers. May you all have the necessary patience, traction, and safety for your commute!

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