My Top 5 Technical Articles of 2016

If looking only at my technical posts, here are the top five articles based upon number of views by readers:

1. Windows 10 Mail Program Bug: Ignores Reply-To Header

It is difficult to fathom why Windows Support has not yet fixed this annoying bug. It has been reported to them and it causes email replies to sometimes go to the wrong person. That should be a concern. Read the details here.

2. Any Alternatives to Kifi? It is shutting down :(

The opening sentence says it all for this one: “Kifi just announced to its users that it has been acquired by Google and that the wonderful Kifi service is being shutdown in a few weeks. Very sad.” This was unexpected and discouraging news for most users of the popular online Kifi service. More details here.

3. Online Fundraising Services: Pricing Comparison

We compared ten popular online donation receiving services looking at their basic features and ALL of their fees. In other words, after someone donated $X, what was the net amount received after ALL fees had been subtracted. At the time, most available articles only compared two services against each other, and each article said that a different service was “the best.” Not very helpful. We needed to use a donation service, so we did research and published our findings in this article. See our criteria and findings here. (This article is from Dec 15, 2015 so technically 12.5 months ago but it has been very popular with readers this year)

4. Lost All My Photos: Screwed by Carbonite Backups — FAIL!

This documented how the Carbonite cloud backups service can quickly and easily throw away all of your previously backed up files if you have a disk drive issue and don’t repair it and request a restore within a preset short number of days. Terrible. No recourse or recovery options available. Everything is lost. I will never use their service unless this design flaw is fixed. The story.

5. Last-Modified Header Ignored in Dynamic PHP Application when using session_cache_limiter for Cache

Ok, this one is very specific. We encountered a problem getting caching to work for a dynamic PHP system and couldn’t find any online articles that shed light on our specific situation. Once we solved it, I wrote this article so that the next person who experiences this situation will have the answer available in this article. Very few PHP programmers or web server configurators will ever need this article.

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