The Highway Accident That My Son Witnessed

My son was helping two men move some heavy furniture from Toronto to Kitchener. We will call them the driver, my son, and the other passenger.

They had rented a very large rental truck for the trip. The truck was so big that the driver needed to have a special license.

They went, loaded up 40–50 cabinets and were traveling back from Toronto, west on Highway 401 just past the Highway 6 South exit, when they were involved in a multi-vehicle accident.

Their large, high, fully loaded, heavy truck was in the middle lane of three and a small compact car was in the right lane in their blind spot.

They signaled a right lane change for awhile and then started to slowly move into the right lane.

Unfortunately, the car in the blind spot couldn’t see the truck’s signal light and the truck driver couldn’t see the car in the right side mirror.

All of a sudden the car and truck connected and the small car got pulled around the front of the truck and got caught on the edge of the truck’s big front bumper.

The driver’s side of the car was pinned against the truck’s bumper and the car’s right-rear wheel was getting chewed up by the truck’s front right wheel.

Both vehicles were going at normal highway speeds when this first occurred.

The heavy truck hits the breaks but doesn’t come to a stop until it has pushed the small car 200 meters along the highway and edging into the left lane in the process.

During the excruciatingly long seconds as the truck is executing an emergency stop while pushing the car, and all the noise and pieces of the small car flying in the air, the occupants of the truck said that they were praying that God would protect everyone in both vehicles.

As soon as everything came to a stop, the other passenger (who has emergency training & experience) ensured that the three of them in the truck were okay, had the 4-way flashers enabled, then jumped out of the truck to see if he could help the occupants of the small car.

There was just the driver in the small car. The car’s left driver’s door was all smashed and crushed into the car. It was a mess. There was lots of damage to the car.

Miraculously, the lady was okay.

He kept talking to her, asking her questions, wanting to ensure that she was okay, that she stayed calm, and that she didn’t go into shock.

The car was just the exact height that once it was crushed against the bumper of the truck that it got caught on the bumper and this held it from starting to roll over and over since the car was being held sideways across the front of the truck as the truck pushed it for 200 meters.

This happened during rush-hour on one of the busiest highways in the province. It involved all three lanes of the highway, yet no other vehicle was involved.

An OPP (police) car was traveling not far behind when this accident occurred. He got to the accident scene before anyone was able to call 911. The officer called for assistance and before long another OPP car, a fire truck, and an ambulance arrived.

The fire fighters could not believe that the car didn’t start rolling and that the car’s driver was still alive.

The truck driver is very shaken up about the whole experience, as I’m sure the other driver is too.

This accident could have been an awful lot worse. But God protected all those involved and I’m very thankful for that.

I’m also thankful that when my son texted me about the accident, that his first text included the words “everyone is ok.”

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