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In this episode of #SecrettoSales, Topher Benderson discusses the importance of passing on the sales knowledge they have learned throughout their careers to the next generation of sales professionals with sales leaders Lars Nilsson and Damian Wisniewski.

The Bravado Mentorship Program pairs sales leaders with college students interested in a sales career.

(00:00) [Damian] To me, talent is one of the most precious things in the world.

(00:20) [Topher] How do you pass on the keys to the next generation? *Keys clink*

(00:26) [Lars] You do it by challenging them. I’ve been working for 31 years and I’ve been…

Last month we had the privilege to bring mentees from Chico State to Bravado HQ. Hayley Weik, Ryan Brumfield, Sean Rynewicz, Daisy Gomez, Xavier Sanchez, Tani Rojas, Joe Garcia, Jose Herrera, Jon Jones and Sebastian Zevallos made the trek to San Francisco to take part in a pitch contest and to get some hands on experience with sales culture. We put together a little video for you so we can catch you all up — watch below:

(00:00:00) [Ryan] I sit in classrooms learning about the theory of sales, but not necessarily working with people and seeing where sales…

The term “wear many hats” is a metaphoric expression which harkens to the mid-1900s when those in different occupations wore specific headgear.

Professionals from every industry have been saying, “Let me put my sales hat on,” for decades, much to the chagrin of folks on the other side of the table.

The foreshadowing of a sales-related activity on the horizon left those influenced by the stigma surrounding sales frightened, even disgusted. So the story goes, nobody likes being sold to; hence, the term “sales hat” and the use of its metaphor created a deep, unctuous groove in the collective consciousness…

Just like the State Farm Arena and Mia Thermopolis, it’s Bravado’s time for a makeover.

We’re very excited to announce the unveiling of our latest project: The Bravado Portfolio!

The shift towards industry-specific communities and displays of work has begun. Engineers have GitHub; designers have Behance and Dribbble; now sales professionals have Bravado.

Building a career as a sales professional is no small feat. Sales teams drive revenue growth and achieve the bottom line for almost every major organization in the country, making it an incredibly important role.

As a testament to the industry we love, we polished up the…

April 5th, 2019 — a day to be remembered at Bravado HQ.

Our first ever Bravado Pitch Competition!

A select group from our first cohort of mentees joined Bravado for informational visits to three powerhouse companies in the Silicon Valley — Salesforce, Slack and G2.

By Miles Varghese, Head of Sales at Octopi

In our never-ending quest as sales pros, we’re constantly seeking how to shorten sales cycles, drive revenue, and win more deals. This is especially true in the enterprise sales process where relationships and referrals drive the long-term, career-building success as a rep. This is especially important in more niche or legacy-based industries like mine (maritime shipping & logistics).

How do we build that trust in the first place?

Below is a framework I use for building trust with my clients.

Start with authenticity

Be genuine: Have a genuine interest in, and understanding of, your prospect’s…

In this episode of #SecretToSales Topher and I chat about why every sales professional needs to be asking for client testimonials.

Topher (intro): My name is Topher Benderson. I’ve come all the way from Barracuda, New Mexico on the search to find the “#SecretToSales.” #SecretToSales. You know who I am. I’m Topher Benderson reporting live from Planet Earth. I’m from Barracuda, New Mexico and here we are with Katherine Buck, a.k.a. Bucksta Rhymes, a.k.a. Buck Truck. You had some experience as a sales rep, is that right?

Katherine: That’s right.

Topher: Would you mind sharing a little bit about…

In the context of sales, having a personal brand is more important than ever. If “your network is your net worth” as they say, then your brand is your business. Product-based differentiation is going away, and it’s crucial for sales professionals to build trust with buyers as quickly as possible — that’s where your personal brand comes in.

A strong online presence with a cohesive point of view can make a huge difference in selling. …

Alex Berg, Chief Curiosity Officer at CQ Selling

It’s cliché to say but truer then ever: Buyers buy to remove pain or achieve gains. You won’t take a consultative sales training program without the facilitator saying some version of “you need to ask enough questions to elicit your buyer’s pain or gain.”

Current research in neuroscience is helping us understand the emotional states associated with pain and gain. …

Katherine Buck, Head of Growth at Bravado

Are you starting a career in sales? Congratulations! Sales is a great place to learn invaluable skills like presenting, negotiating, reading the room, and cultivating deep product knowledge. Also, 30% of Fortune 500 CEOs started in sales**, so you’re in great company!

I didn’t start my own career in sales, so I had a lot of bad habits to discard and plenty of room to improve on good ones. I made it a point to observe the salespeople around me. I learned some great lessons on what to do and sometimes what not…


Bravado is a community of trusted sales professionals celebrated by their customers.

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