You want to know how to build an audience? Read this.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

There was a Marilyn Monroe movie where one of her co-stars said “if we’re gonna meet a millionaire, we have to live in their zip code”. This is the same concept and I am glad people are starting to realize this. Because Success is work, but it can be the work you enjoy and have a passion to succeed in.

I have a strong belief that like attracts like (actively). And it is really no surprise that when a lot of successful people are asked how they succeed , the majority respond they had to live their dream to attract their success and prove to people (and the world) they were serious.

The hardest part is convincing yourself you can do it , after that it’s a matter of finding your own process.

*just a side note, most successful bands Indie or not, still have street crews posting flyers for a reason. It brings awareness to their local crowd. Don’t depend on an algorithm based ad program to hit your target audience. Show up and do the work. Blackmail and recruit friends, things are not made out of nothing.


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Random fact: Harrison Ford was a carpenter for George Lucas. While he works on some shelves for George Lucas, he was asked to stand in to read for “some crazy cowboy space adventure movie.” Literally, he was there JUST to read while they positioned camera for another actor that was assumed to get that part.

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