Something New

Start of Something New is a song from the movie High School Musical, I love it , especially for the lyrics. I’ve been learning English for more than 17 years, but never write any articles about my true feelings in English. That is not strange for me, because I don’t even write any in my mother language. But today, I change my mind, I’m going to write down something, something about my feelings, my thoughts and even my life.

I’m 30 this year, the age shouldn’t be called “young”or “old”, but it’s the one that has experienced something. The experience in the past makes it possible for me to generate a lot of feelings and thoughts in my mind.

Someone may try to guess where I am from, according to my nickname or the portrait. Let me just tell you in my own way: I live in latitude in 30 degrees north and longitude 120 degrees east, not exactly but very close to where I live. Why not speak out the name of my nation? I think it’s so big that you will regard everyone of it as the same and give some tags on me. But I should tell you that Everyone in this word is unique. I don’t want to be tagged, I just want to be understood by someone who are interested in my words and have some common interest or hobby with me.

I have some trouble in reading a long article, so I love Youtube a lot, it makes me free from tedious words. (Medium is a platform only for articles, but I love it, for it's UI and it's content, love it so much)

I have some trouble in using a app with a lot of buttons in it, so I love Sketchapp a lot, it makes me feel that the world is simple and beautiful.

I am a guy who loves clear sunny day so much, so when that day comes I will walk outside, bike along the river and play tennis with some friends.

Today will be my start of something new.

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