Uno Dia

In the previous blog … short essay, article … whatever you wanna call it, I had talked about partaking in a 30 day writing challenge. This is my day one Challenge.

The theme is: 5 Ways to Win Your Heart

I havent’ really thought about what really wins my heart for the longest time, because it had already been claimed. Sorry for the gayness. And once again, I’m completely winging my handwriting, and I’m on a time constraint, so here goes;

  1. Food. Food, food, and more food wins my heart. did I also mention food? chips, candy, cake, shrimp, chicken, dip, veggies. just give me something to eat. Lately, I’ve been on a pizza binge. It has been the greatest moments of this year.
  2. Intelligence. I’m a sapiosexual. I enjoy small conversations, even when it’s one sided. I find myself quiet and captured in someone’s words. It’s always great speaking, or listening to someone who is my senior to certain subjects. I also love a good debate. My boyfriend and I are often debating subjects and my morals. Since I have been with him, he has opened my eyes, and my mind, to a lot of things. I used to be close minded about certain subjects, standing very firmly next to my morals and beliefs. And while I still have some of those beliefs, I love hearing new ideas and new perspectives to view my own beliefs.
  3. Unique Charm. sounds cheesy, right? I didn’t know how else to word that in a timely manner. What I mean to say is, I love the charm people have when they are themselves. Whenever they’re speaking about something passionate, or when they look away when feeling shy, or a giggle they let out when something funny happens, etc. I especially love seeing it with closed in people, people who stay within their perimeters. Whenever they release a natural expression, it makes my heart warm. that’s their charm to me.

4. This is getting difficult. I would have to say Art. Now, I know the definition of art is subjerctive to the individual, but in this case, I mean just your basic forms of art: music, dancing, singing, writing, painting, etc. I’m a lover of art, and creation, and expression. and I just love seeing other people do it. To open their souls to the world, leaving themselves as targets for criticism and admiration or for everyone else, just to express what they need to express. I especially love it when the art piece was created just for me =).

5. Hotness. yup lol I am only human, man. I like my soul to be fed, my taste buds to be satisfied, and my eyes to be equally catered for. Of course, I have only eyes for my significant other. and needless to say, they’re fed.

so I’m pretty sure I’m missing key points to my personality here, and later on I’ll think about it and regret it. but once again, this is free writing. I don’t have the time to think. To who ever is reading this, thank you for listening. I would love to know your thoughts as well. Have a sunny side up day, bitdfsdfkdff =).

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